Desktop and Mobil IoT Dosage Dispensing System

  • Mix Dosage Dispensing Device. A desktop version is intended for use on Private Pharmacies, Pharmacies at Hospitals, Departments in Hospitals and Nursing Homes with its own medicinal stock. The medication is dosed in the patient’s pill tray that applied ID and medication label and with setup information as QR code or NFC data intended for transfer to the patient’s pill dispenser
  • Mobil Mix Dosage Device. A mobile version is intended for use in private homes, rehab or other Care Home. The Dosage Dispensing Device is real-time connected to the patient’s EHR / EMR database. Healthcare professionals use the patient’s own prescribed medication and dosed according to data from the patient’s current prescription. After each dosing sent the result to a database intended for Retrospective Log Analysis

PCT Patent WO / 2015/078468

Danish Patent DK PA2013 00632

USPTO 2016-0199260-A1