XS-Online Banking Firewall Revolutionizes Online Account Security

XS-Online Banking Firewall Revolutionizes Online Account Security with Enhanced Protection and Guaranteed Reimbursement.

XS-Online Banking Firewall, a groundbreaking new system that empowers users to take control of their online banking security and enjoy guaranteed reimbursement for fraudulent transactions.

XS-Online Banking Firewall, a groundbreaking new system that empowers users to take control of their online banking security and enjoy bank guaranteed reimbursement for fraudulent transactions.

Setting Up Granular Access Control: Setup 1-2-3

1-Protected account: Users can block all access attempts except from their own access to the online bank and the authorized online bank’s secure servers, effectively protecting the account.

2-XS Flag Protection: This innovative feature restricts payments to pre-approved accounts identified by banks with a special “XS flag”, guaranteeing a full refund for any detected errors or fraudulent activity. XS flag protection provides a significant benefit to e-commerce platforms looking to improve security for their customers.

3- Creating your own whitelist: Customizable whitelist: Users can create a personal whitelist of trusted recipients for authorized transactions, whereby the account holder himself applies the XS flag to the payee’s account number. The bank performs AI solidity rating in real time, by creating recipient accounts in the account holder’s own white list of trusted payees. However, transactions to whitelisted accounts will not be covered by the bank’s XS flag guarantee, which places responsibility for any loss on the account holder.

Enhanced Security with Guaranteed Reimbursement:

The XS-Online Banking Firewall introduces the revolutionary “XS flag” system. Each outgoing payment is automatically scanned for the presence of this flag on the recipient’s account.

  • XS-Approved Transactions: Payments directed towards XS-bank approved accounts authorized by the bank for heightened security are automatically permitted, with a full money-back guarantee in case of errors or proven fraud.
  • Transactions to Non-XS Accounts: Payments to accounts lacking the XS flag are automatically declined, safeguarding users’ funds from unauthorized transfers.

Balancing Security and User Control

By default, all publicly accessible online bank accounts are designated as “XS-approved.” Payments to non-public accounts require either XS approval from the bank or inclusion on the user’s or company’s whitelist. This system strikes a perfect balance between robust security and user control. Users can leverage the bank approved XS flag for maximum protection with guaranteed reimbursements or create a whitelist of trusted recipients, understanding that the bank assumes responsibility for any errors and proven fraudulent transactions to XS bank-approved accounts.

Implementation and connection to XS-firewall online banking account protection is voluntary, both for the banks, the payee and the online banking user, but in a market-driven competition, banks and payees that do not offer XS-firewall’s extra security will quickly lose competitiveness.

Key Features and Benefits of XS-Online Banking Firewall

  • Online account protecting, will block for all outgoing payments
  • XS Flag Protectionwith guaranteed refunds for transactions to XS-bank approved accounts, offering a strong edge in e-commerce security.
  • Customizable whitelist for handling the account holder’s own trusted payees.

Customizable whitelist for handling the account holder’s own trusted payees. Your online bank can offer extended firewall AI control of the selected whitelisted account holders.
Example setup:
1. Advanced AI credit check.
2. Approval from higher authorized level is required.
3. Delayed entry into force of newly created whitelisted payees.
4. Time-limited permission to withdraw from a whitelisted account.

  • Unparalleled User Control over online banking security.
  • Guaranteed Reimbursement for errors or fraud in XS-bank approved transactions.
  • Balance between Security and Control, empowering users to choose their preferred level of protection.
  • Peace of Mind through a combination of robust access control, XS flag protection, and a user-friendly whitelist feature.

The XS-Online Banking Firewall represents a revolutionary leap forward in online banking security. By empowering users with superior control and guaranteed reimbursements, this innovative system fosters a secure and trustworthy online banking environment.

The XS-Online Banking Firewall is a UNTS Non Profit Project under development, therefore feedback from stakeholders is needed: We need your judgment and expertise, which is characteristic and relevant to your country and culture, so that the UNTS system can be continuously evaluated and improved. Please send your suggestions and comments to UNTS Non Profit Project XS@Xsecure.dk

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