Trading conditions
Terms of sale and delivery of Xsecure.
For any delivery where Xsecure acts as a seller, the following applies:
1. General:
These sales and delivery conditions apply to all offers, sales and deliveries, unless otherwise agreed.
Reservation for printing errors, VAT and tax changes and delivery failure.
Xsecure  reserves the right to make price adjustments if there are changes in taxes, shipping and exchange rates of more than 5%.
2. Delivery times:
Unless otherwise stated, an agreed delivery time will be considered approximate.
3. Freight and forwarding:
Postage and fees are normally paid according to applicable rates as stated in offers and price lists.
4. Right of return and cancellation of order
On orders without order confirmation, there is a 14-day right of return when the item is returned undamaged in the original packaging.
If the item is delivered without postage and handling fee, postage and handling fee will be charged according to applicable rates.
Scanbit sends current information and offers via e-mail. You can opt out of this at any time by replying to the email with No info.
5. Terms of payment:
Cash, bank transfer or per cash on delivery.
Payment of invoice by bank transfer
New customers deposit the amount in our account that appears on the invoice sent.
6. Errors and deficiencies:
In the event of a defective delivery, Xsecure undertakes to exchange or take back the delivered item against reimbursement of the purchase price. Scanbit determines which solution is chosen.
The buyer must notify the seller without undue delay of errors and defects in the delivered goods.
The seller is not liable for compensation for operating losses, loss of profit or other losses as a result of errors and omissions.
Product information.
We reserve the right to make errors and changes in sales material. Any errors/shortcomings cannot be claimed against Scanbit Care ApS.
7. Product liability:

Xsecure cannot be held liable for consequential damages and Xsecure liability is limited to statutory product liability.
8. Compensation:
If Xsecure has to pay compensation to the buyer, this compensation will never be able to exceed an amount corresponding to the delivery.
9. Right of complaint:

Xsecure  provides the right of complaint set out in the Purchase Act.
If there are errors or omissions in the product, they must report it immediately by sending an e-mail to scanbitcare please state the invoice number.
Dealer sends the faulty device to the Xsecure repair department, with a clear error message and a copy of the invoice/receipt.

Xsecure  reserves the right to invoice for repair or replacement if:
• Valid documentation not included.
• The failure was due to inflicted damage.
• The error was due to lightning/surge on the grid.
• The device is submitted without errors.
10. Force majeure:
None of the parties can be considered responsible towards the other party, as far as matters that are beyond the parties’ control are concerned.
11. Disputes:
Any legal disputes between the seller and the buyer will be settled at a venue designated by the seller.
12. Reservation of title:
Xsecure reserves title to the delivered goods until the full purchase price with any interest and costs has been paid.

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